What We Do

Experienced EOS Implementation

  • We help people get what they want out of their business
  • Eliminate frustrations
  • Give business owners and leadership teams a complete system with simple and immediately implementable tools to help your organization reach its full potential

EOS Model: 6 Key Components to Strengthen Your Business

Is EOS Right For My Business?

EOS has proven to help virtually every small to mid-sized company, from 10 to 300 employees, who want to get more out of their business with less effort. Specifically increasing profitability and growth. Over 4000 companies have significantly improved their performance with a success rate over 95%.

That said, we’re best suited for entrepreneurial leadership teams who are:

  • Open minded and want to build a company culture that people will want to be associated with: employees, customers, owners, investors, advisors, vendors, and community members
  • Respectful and want their business to endure well beyond their stewardship
  • Appreciative with the desire to be inspirational to those they work with as well as be inspired by the team and culture they surround themselves with
  • Wanting and seeking help to surround themselves with highly talented people and who are committed to doing what it takes to attract and retain such people
  • Determined to end their frustrations by taking a disciplined, systems-based, and transparent approach to building their business
  • Growth oriented and unwilling to accept less than double digit annual revenue rates
  • Willing to open, honest and vulnerable in their journey to build their businesses to triple their revenue and growth over the next three to five years


Are you planning an event for people who own and run entrepreneurial businesses? If you want to engage, inform and empower them, consider booking Jeff Bain. He is a graduate of EOS® Worldwide’s renowned “Base Camp” where he received full training on all aspects of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. He has been a member of the EOS® community of trained and experienced Implementers and leverages the knowledge of over 160 fellow EOS® Implementers with his clients and speaking audiences. Jeff regularly delivers entertaining and actionable content, tailor made for busy entrepreneurs.


We offer an inspiring, 90-minute Keynote Address that your audience will find jam-packed with real, immediately useful information.

Are You Running Your Business – Or Is Your Business Running You?

Get introduced to the real-world concepts of EOS and learn how the primary tools can simplify your business. No theory, no flavor-of-the-month, no complexity.

Attendees are sure to walk away looking at their businesses in a whole new way. Owners and leaders will better understand how to to get more of what they want from their businesses, and they’ll be equipped with a complete set of simple yet powerful and immediately implementable tools proven to help them clarify, simplify and achieve their visions.


If you have more time and want to include hands-on work sessions, consider our Half-Day EOS Workshop. You’ll get the same real-world, practical tools that can be implemented literally tomorrow to improve your business. The Workshop is recommended for Leadership Teams where the EOS tools will be applied to your actual situations. You will leave with a clear understanding of where you need to focus to end your frustrations. In this format there is time for teams to work together ON their business.

“Jeff did an excellent job of introducing the EOS toolbox to our Leadership group via a workshop format. The attendees valued the “roll up your sleeves” workshop examples discussed and many picked up very specific action items they could take back and implement in their businesses immediately. We really appreciated the focus on teaching and learning, with no selling whatsoever.”