Accountability Charts are an invaluable tool when utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Once compiled correctly, the charts become a visual representation of your company and its strategy. Specifically, they outline the various roles within your organization, and how your team works together as a unit. This in turn helps your team members clearly understand their responsibilities. 

Every department in your company should have its own accountability chart, and implementing these charts takes buy-in at every level for optimal efficiency. However, this can be a lofty task and very challenging to achieve.

If you’re finding it difficult to get everyone on board to set up your company’s Accountability Charts, here are some helpful ways to jumpstart the process:

1. Explain the “Why”

Gather the heads of each department and ensure they not only understand what an accountability chart is, but why it’s important. Show them how the chart will help them reach their own departmental goals.

Ask them to give examples of how the chart might be implemented and of scenarios in which it would be helpful. Some of your employees will get a handle of it right from the start. Others, however, might take a little more guidance before they get the hang of it. Try to ensure everyone understands the value before proceeding.

2. Set a Clear Due Date.

Nothing motivates a team like a hard deadline. Often, organizational projects are placed at the bottom of the priority list. Setting a time limit for each of your departments to finish their Accountability Charts gives your team members a sense of urgency. 

If members of your organization are having trouble, be sure to show patience and help them work through the diagram. Set up times before the due date to check on progress and ensure everyone truly understands how to create their chart. It’s your job as the leader to acknowledge that there may be a few attempts before every department gets their Accountability Charts right. With that said, set the expectation that you want a finished product by a specific date, and let everyone know they should be starting on this early enough to be able to ask for assistance if needed.

3. Prepare to Make Difficult Decisions.

Determining the right structure for your business isn’t always the easiest process. Get ready for pushback from team members, and maybe even a little frustration as you go through the process together. And most importantly – prepare to make a few difficult decisions. You very well may have people on your staff who are quite talented in their own right, but don’t possess the skills your organization requires for a specific position. There also might be times where not everyone on your team gets along, and you’ll have to choose between two conflicting personalities. 

At the end of the day, it’s about doing what’s right for your business. And in this specific instance, that means thinking strategically instead of emotionally. If your hope is for your organization to grow into something bigger and better than it’s ever been, then you’re going to need to be able to make some real shifts. Think about how your business should work, and get the right people into the right positions so that you set yourself up for success in the long term. 

4. Take the Time to Get it Right.

Acknowledge that this project deserves attention to detail, and don’t stop refining until you’re completely comfortable with what your business has put on the table. That means you should be keeping everyone on board and setting regular meetings to ensure that your staff are progressing the way they should be each week. 

It’s healthy to have multiple versions of your Accountability Chart before it’s complete. In fact, you should expect to go through it a few times before getting to a finished product. This is one of the reasons why we recommend working with an EOS Implementer. Here at Team Traction, we help guide our clients through every step of this process and go over their charts during our Vision Building sessions so that we can address any questions that may come up. Building out an Accountability Chart is as much about the journey as it is coming up with the final answer. 

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