Your business’ success has a lot to do with the goals you set for your employees. Aim too low and risk missing out on your team’s full potential. Set the bar too high and potentially alienate employees due to unrealistic expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about goal setting, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Team Traction, we believe that proper goal setting is essential to making your business thrive.

Here are some reasons why it’s so important:

It Sets the Pace

Establishing goals is one of the biggest contributors to setting the pace in your workplace. It brings with it the ability to sort through your employees and weed out the lowest performers. If you’re like us, you want team members who are a cut above the rest. Letting your staff know early and often what direction you want to be heading and the work that it will take to get there will only strengthen your bond moving forward.

Goals Trigger Behavior

It’s no secret that writing down goals is a great way to make them happen. Besides helping the rest of the team understand the performance that is expected of them, setting goals for your business can also condition your team to have a reputation of excellence. That is, to make a habit of exceeding the expectations of others. That’s what we call a championship culture – a workplace that knows what it’s capable of and sets goals to get them where they need to be.

Your Goals Sustain Momentum

And what if your team is absolutely crushing it lately? Wouldn’t you want to keep that momentum going? A sign of a great leader is being able to recognize outdated goals and update them to match the team’s current performance standards. It’s the same reason why some sports teams practice to make the playoffs when other more elite programs instead practice winning championships. You raise the bar as you get better.

It Aligns Your Team’s Focus

If you’ve been putting in the time to assemble a team that’s full of go-getters, you might be surprised to find out that even your most talented employees need to be given some extra direction. Goal setting helps take all of these independent thinkers and align their focus towards a single cause – better allowing your organization to perform effectively and efficiently.

It Boosts Morale

Goal setting isn’t just good for getting your feet off the ground – it’s also an invaluable tool for boosting morale. There isn’t much out there that feels better than reaching an important milestone. One that you’ve worked long and hard to achieve, that brings you pride. It’s that feeling of a job well done that does wonders for employee engagement and sentiment. In other words, your employees should have a good idea of what accomplishments are a big deal and be celebrated when they come to fruition.

Goal Setting Creates a Culture

Once you have employees who are accustomed to setting and achieving competitive goals on a regular basis, you’ll know that you’ve succeeded at creating a company culture that’s worth celebrating. Goal setting creates a work environment where team members are excited to take their efforts to the next level. Company cultures that prioritize goal setting tend to benefit from better performance from their workers, and experience higher retention rates to boot.

Getting the growth you’ve been striving for is not only possible, it’s within reach. Adopting Team Traction’s Entrepreneurial Operating System has the potential to turn your business into the profitable, driven organization you want it to be. We take pride in guiding our business owner clients in overcoming these challenges and more. It all starts with a conversation.  Call us at (850) 473-1100 or click here for our contact page.